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China Achieves Chip Breakthrough Featured in Huawei Phone

Huawei and China’s top chipmaker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC), have made an impressive new processor for Huawei’s latest smartphone, according to a report by TechInsights. This new chip, called Kirin 9000s, powers the Huawei Mate 60 Pro.

This chip is a big deal because it’s the first to use SMIC’s advanced 7-nanometer technology. It shows that China is making progress in building its own chip technology, which is important for their tech industry.

People who bought the phone in China have been testing it and sharing videos online. It seems the Mate 60 Pro can download things really fast, even faster than some top 5G phones.

When the phone was launched, it caused a lot of excitement on Chinese social media and in the news. Some people even thought it was connected to a visit by the US Secretary of Commerce, Gina Raimondo.

Since 2019, the US has made it hard for Huawei to get the tools it needs to make advanced phones. So, Huawei has had to use older chips for their 5G phones.

But in July, research firms said Huawei might make a comeback in the 5G phone business by the end of this year. They’re using their own chip design skills and working with SMIC.

China is also trying to raise a huge amount of money, around $40 billion, to invest in making chips in China. They have a special fund, called the China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, that’s supposed to help with this. The Chinese government might put in 60 billion yuan (about $41.1 billion) to support this fund.

This fund, sometimes called “the Big Fund,” has already helped some big chip companies in China, including SMIC.

In a significant technological development, China has unveiled a breakthrough in semiconductor technology that is integrated into the latest Huawei smartphone.


Semiconductors, often referred to as chips, are the backbone of modern electronics, powering everything from smartphones to computers and advanced machinery. Achieving advancements in chip technology is crucial for staying competitive in the global tech industry.

The Breakthrough:

China’s breakthrough centers around the development of a cutting-edge semiconductor, marking a notable stride in the country’s efforts to establish itself as a leader in the semiconductor industry. This technological feat is prominently showcased in the latest Huawei smartphone, demonstrating China’s ability to produce high-quality chips independently.

Key Points:

  1. Self-reliance in Chip Manufacturing: The breakthrough underscores China’s ongoing efforts to reduce its dependence on foreign semiconductor manufacturers. Self-reliance in chip manufacturing is considered strategically vital, both for technological independence and national security.
  2. Huawei’s Role: Huawei, one of China’s leading technology companies, has been at the forefront of domestic chip development. The inclusion of this breakthrough in their smartphones highlights their commitment to technological innovation and their determination to overcome challenges posed by international trade restrictions.
  3. Global Implications: China’s success in semiconductor technology has global implications. It has the potential to disrupt the global supply chain for chips and impact the balance of power in the semiconductor industry, which is currently dominated by a few key players.
  4. Competitive Advantage: The breakthrough enhances China’s competitive advantage in the tech industry, allowing Chinese companies to offer more advanced and self-developed hardware components, reducing reliance on foreign suppliers.
  5. Technological Innovation: This achievement highlights the importance of sustained investment in research and development, which can lead to groundbreaking technological innovations with wide-ranging applications.
  6. International Scrutiny: China’s progress in semiconductor technology is closely watched by governments and tech companies worldwide. It raises questions about fair competition, intellectual property rights, and global trade dynamics in the tech sector.

In conclusion, China’s recent semiconductor breakthrough, as demonstrated in Huawei’s latest smartphone, signifies a significant step forward in the country’s pursuit of technological self-reliance and its ambitions to become a major player in the global semiconductor industry. This development carries implications for both China’s domestic tech landscape and the international tech community, prompting discussions on various aspects of technology, trade, and innovation.

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