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Muslim Girls Names

Names are not merely labels; they carry profound cultural, religious, and familial significance. Muslim girls’ names, like names from any other culture or religion, are chosen with care and often reflect the rich tapestry of Islamic history, values, and traditions. This article delves into the fascinating world of Muslim girls’ names, exploring their meanings, cultural significance, and the importance of choosing the right name for a child.

Most common Muslim Girls Names

Here we have compiled the top 100 unique and beautiful Muslim girl’s names to provide our users an idea of some most unique and powerful Islamic girl names with meanings for their babies.


Abeer is an ancient Arabic origin name; it means ‘fragrance of the rose’.


The name Aha, meaning ‘noble’. It is a unique and beautiful baby girl name,


Amal is a Beautiful Islamic names for girls which means ‘hope, expectation’.


Aabidah is a unique Muslim Namesand means ‘worshipper’ in Arabic.


Alisha is a very unique Muslim Girl Names. It means ‘noble’ and ‘kind’.


The name Aidah is of Arabic, Swahili origins, which means ‘visitor, returning’.


Bahar is a beautiful lively name. ‘Spring’ is the meaning of this name.


It is an Arabic name that holds uniqueness with meaning ‘lot, fate, portion’.


Bareea has multiple meanings including ‘Innocent, and blameless’.


Bismal is a Muslim unique girl name and it means fragrance.


Batool is one such name with an endearing meaning. It means ‘pious woman’.


Benazir sounds like this name is made for a princess. It means ‘incomparable or matchless’.


Dimah means ‘carrying rainwater’ in Arabic. It is a great option if you are a nature-lover.


Also spelled as Durriyah, is the beautiful and means ‘brilliant.


It means ‘cloth of silk’. It is an Arabic originated name.


Beautiful name Dhalia is ‘in scandinavian meaning is flower named for botanist, a dahl’.


The meaning of the name Daima in Urdu is ‘everlasting’.


Elham means ‘inspiration’ in Arabic.


Emaan stands for ‘victorious,’ ‘pious,’ or ‘a person devoted to God.’


It is multi-originated name that means ‘unique’ and ‘precious’.


Eshal name meaning ‘the name of flower in the heaven’.


It is a unique name that means ‘a person who gives the honour, respect’.


‘Entire’ and ‘all’ is the meaning of the beautiful unique girl name Emma.


If you like names that have a vintage aura, then you’re likely to adore this name. Fakeehah means ‘cheerful’.


It is an Arabic name that means ‘gifted’ or ‘ a gift from God’.


Muslim name Falak means ‘sky is full light and is beautiful’. It will light up even the darkest of the days.


It is a happy name for baby girls that it self means ‘happy’ or ‘joyful’.


One of the most meaningful names Farah is Arabic in origin. It means ‘lovely, pleasant, beautiful, and good looking’.


Fatima is the most beautiful name that belongs to the most respectable woman of Islam. It means ‘captivating’. It is the name of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).


In Arabic, words or adjectives can also be used as names. Furat, meaning ‘sweet water’ is one of the examples.


This beautiful sound name is Persian by origin. It means ‘flowery’.


Hadiya means gift and Hadiyah means ‘guide to righteousness’.


It is unique name that found rarely in this region. It holds a beautiful meaning that is ‘song’.


Haniya means ‘happy’. It is a perfect choice for parents looking for an easy name.


A baby name such as Hidaya will inspire your daughter to follow the correct guidance in her life. Hidaya means ‘instructions or guidance’.


This historical name is the name of name of Prophet Ismail’s mother and it means’ to emigrate’.


Huda means ‘guidance to the right path’. It is an Arabic originated name.


‘Alive, She who lives’ is the meaning of this beautiful name Isha. It belongs to Arabic language.


Inaya is an unusual and unique Muslim name, meaning ‘concerned’. It is quite popular now days.


It is a beautiful short name that sounds quite sweet to call. It means ‘faith’.


‘Radiance’ is the meaning of this beautiful name.


Inaam name meaning is ‘act of kindness, benefaction, bestowal’.


It is a most unique name, meaning ‘gift’. It is gaining popularity day by day.


It is a perfect name for a Muslim baby girl. It means ‘paradise’.


Jasmin is one of the most beautiful name that means ‘jasmine flower’.


this name is derived from Arabic language and it means ‘garden’.


Jamila is a unique and beautiful name. It means graceful.


Kashmala is a meaningful name, it means ‘flower garland or bracelet’.


Karimah, the variant of Arabic word Kareem, meaning ‘generous’, is one of the 99 names of Allah.


An Arabic name that means Satellite. It is basically a unisex name.


It is a name that use worldwide in different regions. Leena name means ‘tender’.



A unique name that is quite popular worldwide, Laila means ‘night’.


It means A tree that gives aromatic resin. It is Arabic name.


A beautiful name Mahira is belongs to Arabic diction that means ‘skilled, expert’.


Name Mehar means ‘kindness, grace’.


Maha is a unique name and it means ‘rare jewel’ or ‘spring with clear water’.


Maysa name means ‘to walk with a proud, swinging gait’.


Madiha name means ‘praise, admiration’. It is an Arabic name.

59.Mehwish :

It is a Islamic Names for Girls in Urdu and it is an Urdu originated name with multiple meanings. Mehwish name meaning is moon, beautiful, pretty, moon face.



Name Neha means Loving; Love, rain; Rain; Rain; Affectionate.


A name that is both beautiful and meaningful, Naima means ‘tranquility or peace’


Nadia is the highly popular name and it means announcer in Arabic language.


‘Light’ is the meaning of this beautiful name. It is derived from Arabic language.


The name Naimal is of Arabic origin and means “Gift of god”.


Nisa means woman and it is among unique Muslim girl names.


Naba is a Muslim Girl name which originates from the Urdu language. It means ‘great news’.


A very beautiful name Nahiya means ‘one who advises, adviser’.


Nashita means ‘full of life’. It is an amazing name for a Muslim baby girl.



‘Glittering, shining’ is the meaning of name Naira.


It is the Muslim version of the Arabic name Noor and means ‘full of light’.


Qandeel is traditionally a female name with Arabic origins. It is also spelled as Qandil or Kandil It means Light, Skylight, Noor, Chandelier, and Lantern.


‘The quality or state of being probable, appearance of reality or truth, reasonable ground of presumption, likelihood’, these all are the meaning of this unique name Qareena.


Qaria is a Muslim Girl Name. Qaria name meaning is ‘Read the Quran’, Quran recitation’.


The name Rahma means ‘compassion’. It is an Arabic name.


Rayah means ‘a friend’ in Arabic.


It is highly popular in Pakistan, it means ‘romance of the tropical forest’.



Rija is a Muslim Girl Name. This name meaning is Desire, Hope. It has multiple Islamic meaning.


Rehab is an indirect Quranic name for boys and girls that means ‘vast, spacious’.


Rameen name meaning is Successful Woman. It has multiple Islamic meaning.


Salamah is a elegant name of Arabic language it means ‘safety, security, or integrity’.


Call you baby girl with a happy and meaningful name that signifies joy and pride. Sumayah means ‘pride’ in Arabic.


A beautiful short name safa means ‘pure or serene’.


It is a Muslim baby girl name that means ‘solace’.


Short meaning of Sarima is ‘brave, strong and courageous. It also means wise, wisdom and decisiveness.


Taabah means ‘sweet, agreeable’ in Arabic. It is an unconventional Muslim name.


Tehzib is a unique name and it means elegance in the Arabic language.


Tehniyat name meaning in English is Congratulation. It is an Arabic name.


Islam is a religion of knowledge. Talibah means ‘seeker of knowledge’.


Urwah is a given name of Arabic origin meaning strong support.


Ushna is a muslim girl name and it is an Urdu originated name with multiple meanings. Ushna name meaning is Fragrant.


It is an adorable name that means ‘faithful, loyal’.

92.Wardah :

The name Wardah means Rose and is of Arabic origin. Wardah is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls.


Yaminah is a great Muslim name and means ‘good and proper’ in Arabic.


It means white rose in Arabic. It is a delicate name for little princess.


It means ‘most prosperous’ derived from the Arabic origin.


A traditional name, Zaira means ‘rose’ in Arabic. It is rarely used name.


It is the cutest name. Zoya means ‘alive’.


It is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means ‘any large item of clothing that covers the entire body, such as a garment, robe, or abaya.


The name Zeenia means “guest, stranger”. Zeenia is a variant form of Zena.


Zara is another unique name which means flower.

  1. The Importance of Names in IslamIn Islamic tradition, names hold great importance. The Prophet Muhammad said, “On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers’ names, so give yourselves good names.” This hadith underscores the significance of selecting meaningful and virtuous names for Muslim children.
  2. Types of Muslim NamesMuslim girls’ names can be categorized into several types, each with its own significance:
    • Traditional Arabic Names: These names often have Arabic origins and reflect the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of the Arab world. Examples include Amina, Layla, and Fatima.
    • Names from the Quran: Many Muslim girls are named after figures or concepts mentioned in the Quran. Popular examples include Aisha (the Prophet’s wife), Maryam (Mary, the mother of Jesus), and Khadijah (the Prophet’s first wife).
    • Names with Virtuous Meanings: Names like Salma (peace), Amani (wishes), and Nour (light) emphasize positive attributes and values.
    • Names Reflecting Islamic Concepts: Some names are related to Islamic concepts, such as Iman (faith), Huda (guidance), and Sabr (patience).
    • Cultural and Regional Names: Names can also be influenced by the cultural and regional backgrounds of Muslim families. For instance, names like Leila, Zainab, and Noor are prevalent in various Muslim communities around the world.
  3. Meanings and Significance of NamesMuslim names often carry deep meanings and symbolize virtues, aspirations, or religious significance. For example:
    • Amina: This name means “trustworthy” or “faithful” and is often chosen to reflect a family’s hope for a faithful and trustworthy daughter.
    • Rahma: Derived from the Arabic word for “mercy,” this name signifies the parents’ desire for their daughter to be compassionate and merciful.
    • Ayesha: The name Ayesha is associated with the Prophet Muhammad’s beloved wife, conveying a sense of honor and respect for her legacy.
    • Khadijah: Named after the Prophet’s first wife, Khadijah, this name is often chosen to honor her strength, wisdom, and contributions to Islam.
  4. Choosing the Right NameSelecting the right name for a Muslim girl is a thoughtful and meaningful process. Parents often consult Islamic scholars or baby name books for guidance. Factors to consider include:
    • Meaning: Parents look for names with positive meanings that reflect their hopes and values for their child.
    • Cultural and Family Traditions: Many families have naming traditions that they uphold. These traditions may involve naming a child after a beloved family member or following regional customs.
    • Ease of Pronunciation: Parents often consider how easily a name can be pronounced in different languages and regions, especially if the family is multicultural.
    • Religious Significance: Names from the Quran or associated with Islamic figures hold particular religious significance for many Muslim families.
  5. Celebrating the Name-Giving Ceremony (Aqiqah) In many Muslim cultures, the name-giving ceremony, known as “Aqiqah,” is an important event. It typically takes place on the seventh day after a child’s birth and involves the slaughtering of an animal (usually a goat or sheep) to mark the occasion. The meat is distributed among family, friends, and the needy, and the child’s name is formally announced and celebrated.
  6. Conclusion Muslim girls’ names are not just labels; they are a reflection of culture, faith, and familial aspirations. They carry deep meanings and symbolize the virtues and values that parents hope to instill in their daughters. Choosing the right name is a thoughtful and meaningful process, and it is an important aspect of welcoming a new life into the world in accordance with Islamic traditions and values. Ultimately, these names become a source of identity, connecting individuals to their faith, heritage, and the values they hold dear.

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